Tunes From The Void

by Grained

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"[...] Tunes From The Void has it all: hostile and delusional guitars, pungent and perfectly aligned vocals, sensational and profound melodies, [...]. Really, there is no other album like this one. A masterpiece that has soul and intensity, in each and every note of its perfectly envisioned music."
- Wagner Hertzog,


released June 2, 2017

All songs written, arranged & performed by Grained.
All lyrics written by Manou Wolfsgruber.
Recorded at Studio G, Mannheim & JKF Studio, Fulda.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Waik Schöner.
Produced by Grained & Waik Schöner.

Drums on all tracks by Sebastian Kunz.
Bass on all tracks by Florian Bölter.
Guitars and vocals on all tracks by Manou Wolfsgruber.
Tiny piano on "Shadow Of The Sun" by Florian Bölter.
Cello on "Gasoline" by Manou Wolfsgruber.

Artwork by Heino Firnung -
Layout by Manou Wolfsgruber.



all rights reserved


Grained Fulda, Germany

Better than your favourite band.

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Track Name: Gasoline
"Understanding" is a real' silly word.
The more mistakes you make the less you will learn.
My angst to fail left me really concerned.
There's more than one way how a cigarette burns.

Crippled lungs. Chores left in idle hands.
Take respiration 'til the table is set.
Don't you waste. Time won't serve past eighteen.
Take sand, make glass and all that's locked inbetween.

Just gimme gasoline.

Oh, how I long for this comfort in grief.
Perfection haunts those who dream but can't sleep.
Breathe in union. It's key to be seen.
All alone above the lost people's needs.

Let it faint - my desire, my will
overrun by denied apathy.
Interlocked crowns of palladous disease.
Starved to death. Fed with gasoline.

Seven fires. Paraffin.
A firefly needs smoke to breathe.
All the moths drawn to the flame -
soak 'em in gasoline.


Seven pyres. Kerosene.
All caused by my will to breathe.
Now my vein's hooked to machines -
Let me taste some sweet gasoline.
A little gasoline.
Just gimme gasoline.
Track Name: 35°28'N 138°39'E
Poems to anesthetize.
No roads to fill a room.
My hands cannot remember
how it feels to have a home.
And now I starve to feed my
craving for appendency.
Invite the uninvited.
Observe the unperceived.

There's nothing to concede.
The mother of all needs
is somewhere to belong
before all is said and done.

The little that I've seen
and nothing I conceive.
The healing I receive from
bittersweet rivers of deceit.
Don't future harm the mind?
Where'd I get lost along the way?
Bound to the here and now.
Caught in the past of yesterday.

And nothing's as it seems.
The mother of all needs -
coloured monochrome -
makes me feel like home.

'Cause nothing's as it seems.
The mother of all needs
feeds something to hold on.
Somewhere to belong.
To belong.
Dead and gone.
Track Name: Floods
Small chest profound.
Salt sleeps in the ground.
Waters lament
where I used to stand.

Don't let me drown.
Sorrows fill my lungs.
Don't let them take me with the flood.
Don't let me drown.
All the sins unsung.
Don't let them drown me in the floods.

Rough extinguished sun.
Rivers overrun.
Water for ten days
with toxic bitter taste.
Track Name: Circus
Step right up. Vultures, rats and nearly deads.
Buckle up for lobster hands and shrunken heads.
Where clowns without keen scent lick promises until they're sore.
Step right up to the great carnival of carnivores.

The Silver King unchained.
True beauty lies in shame.
The world's a freak show 'n' you're the main act
in this circus for the insane.

Step right up. Pay a dime to feel sublime.
And in your made-up mirror maze a thousand eyes envy your perfect disguise.
Cymbal-banging monkey toys applaud high rope ballet.
Siamese twins sharing body fluids on a sunny valentine's day.

The Silver King unchained.
True beauty lies in shame.
The world's a freak show and you're the main act
in this circus for the insane.

Business men sell malformation as advert space
while you all enslave yourselves like sluts for fame.

The Silver King unchained.
True beauty lies in shame.
The world's a freak show and y'all to blame.
In this circus we're all the same.
We're all insane.
And you're to blame.
Track Name: Shadow Of The Sun
Meaning handsome as deceit
but I'm out of enemies.
Tarred coat and blistered meat.
The height frightened of the fall.
Sparrow locked behind cellar door.
Winner takes it all.

But I fear that all is none
and that's all I will become.
Just the shadow of the sun.
Just the shadow of the sun.
And neither dusk nor dawn
left a trace of what's been done
but the shadow of the sun.
Just the shadow of the sun.

Thieving magpie claws the spine.
Do you know how bright you shine
30 miles above the sky?
Grow 'til the harvest frowns
on gold spikes around the crown.
Allow me to move on.

Yeah it seems that love is gone
and left no trace of what's been done.
I'm just the shadow of the sun.
Just the shadow of the sun.
I turned every little stone
but the one inside my throat.
Just the shadow of the sun.
Just the shadow of the sun.
Track Name: Deadlock
Diremption in the binary brain.
Decisions conduct fingerprints.
Batteries are colorblind.
Carbon copy under glass.

And the world's in wires now.
Watch the time pass by on PAL windows.
Let them bytes become your lord.
Your god. Your mod. Nimrod.

When every search hits false results.
I reached the point I started from. (restart)
How many bits did I spend waiting? (no regrets)
How many files I did forget. (nothing I can recall)

And the world is wired down.
A pixel paints a thousand words.
Cable-highways toward their dead-end roads.
Black screen transmits image noise.
So I start to speak with ghosts. Your ghost.

Electric womb is bleeding out.
Feedback born without a sound.
And the world in wires drowns.
Siren song tells of acidic grounds.
Treading water. Colors gone.
Black screen airing static noise.
Watch. The world is going down.
Track Name: Closure
Like a swarm of flies
socialize with dead meat
I return back to my vice
after I'm roused. Now comfort me

and my catatonic heart.
Distort what stained my pale blue eyes.

Give me closure, feed me lies.
Separate the wrong from right.
Like you're the measure off all things.
I want you to compensate for what I lost.

Like a hair around
the roof of the mouth words swathe the
silence as they come out.
The tongue bought out by rusted taste.

And your shadow's on the run
trying to hide what clouds the sun.

Give me closure. Feed me lies.
I define what's wrong, what's right
and beget the righteous one.
Abuse you to serve me as the scapegoats whore.
Track Name: L.O.R.D.
Long lone orbit 'round death.
Find me a way to last.
The ticking of my own decay.
Ashes and dust so they say.

If all returns to dust
in the hourglass
my search for relevance
makes no difference.

Black and blue split at the seam.
Comatose. I need relief.
And everything I start
eventually comes apart.

And all returns to dust
in my hourglass.
Add colour to the vast.
I need deliverance.

In my obscurity
no hint of help from somewhere else
to save me from myself.

And all returns to dust
in my hourglass.
Find me a way to last.
Make a difference.